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Grupa Azoty Police resolves its business issues in Africa
On December 20th 2017, Grupa Azoty Police concluded with DGG ECO Sp. z o.o. a conditional agreement (settlement) which, once finalised, will confirm the withdrawal from the agreement made in 2013 to purchase the Senegalese company African Investment Group S.A. (AFRIG) and will enable Grupa Azoty Police to recover USD 28,850,000.00 paid towards the purchase price of AFRIG shares.
Grupa Azoty for the 11th time in the RESPECT Index
Grupa Azoty S.A. has been present in the elite group of socially responsible companies listed in the Respect Index of the Warsaw Stock Exchange continuously from the very beginning of the project. The eleventh edition of the Index was announced at the WSE on December 14th 2017. Currently, the index includes 28 companies, of which three are listed in it for the first time.
Grupa Azoty awarded at COP24
At the COP24 Climate Summit held in Katowice, Grupa Azoty was recognised for its pursuit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The award was presented by Jerzy
Kwieciński, Minister of Investment and Development, and Javier Cortez, representative of the UNGC in New York, to Sławomir Lipkowski, President of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty Kędzierzyn.
The Azoty Group – Partner of the 2030 Agenda
The Azoty Group has joined the declaration of partnership for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, on the initiative of the Ministry of Development as the institution responsible for the implementation of the Agenda in Poland. The ideas behind the 2030 Agenda have long been among the Grupa Azoty Group’s key concerns, which is why it is actively involved in the pursuit of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Strategic partnership between Grupa Azoty and CTL Logistics
Today Grupa Azoty and CTL Logistics signed an agreement under which Grupa Azoty will take over certain special purpose vehicles, thus consolidating railway siding services in Kędzierzyn and Puławy. As of January 1st 2018, all companies managing railway sidings for Grupa Azoty will be included into its Group. The railway siding services will be consolidated by Grupa Azoty KOLTAR, while CTL Logistics will remain Grupa Azoty’s strategic partner in transport activities.
Grupa Azoty acquires COMPO EXPERT
Grupa Azoty has acquired 25,000 shares representing 100% of the share capital of Goat TopCo GmbH of Münster, Germany, owner of COMPO EXPERT. The agreement was performed and the transaction was closed upon fulfilment of all
the conditions precedent stipulated in the share purchase agreement.