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Liquid sulphur
Liquid sulphur

Trade name: liquid sulphur
Name: sulfur (S)
PKWiU classification number: 24.13.56-00.12
CN Code: 25030010

Grupa Azoty Siarkopol

Our molten sulfur meets the requirements of the PN-70/C-84083 standard. We obtain it by pumping 165°C process water into underground deposits, then extracting the molten sulfur using compressed air.

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Extraction is carried out by the Frasch method. It consisted in smelting sulphur from the underground deposits with hot water at a temperature of 165°, supplied under pressure to boreholes also used to remove liquid sulphur to the surface with compressed air. As a result of this process, we obtain sulphur of a very high degree of purity.

This raw material is used in the chemical industry for the production of sulfuric acid, carbon disulfide, plant protection chemicals, phosphorus fertilizers, and vulcanization of rubber.

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Insulated rail tank cars (types 402R, 418R and 431R), road tankers. 
  • UN Number: UN 2448 
  • Proper shipping name (UN): SULFUR, MOLTEN / SULPHUR, MOLTEN
  • Hazard class: 4.1/F3 
  • Packaging group: III
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Liquid sulphur should be stored in tightly sealed, heated and properly labelled containers dedicated to the purpose.

molten, prilled, tablets sulphur
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