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Powder sulphur
Powder sulphur

Trade name: powder sulphur
Name: sulfur (S)
PKWiU classification number: 24.13.56-00.15
CN Code: 25030090

Grupa Azoty Siarkopol

The production of ground sulphur was started in 1999 on a low-capacity installation, while in 2003 a sulphur grinding installation with increased production capacity was launched.

The sulphur flour production process takes place in an installation equipped with a mill and a separator system to control the grain size of the product.

The installation is equipped with an oiling unit.

The Chemical Production Plant produces ground sulphur in four ranges:

  • non-oil
  • 1% oil
  • 2% oil
  • 2,5% oil

ApplicationsSee more

Powder sulphur is used in tyre and rubber manufacturing and in vulcanisation of natural and synthetic rubber; non-oil milled sulfur is also used in the manufacture of fertilizers and plant protection products.

Packaging and transportSee more
  • Paper bags of 25 kg (± 0.5 kg) net on a pallet (1000 mm x 1200 mm) each 1000 kg (± 20 kg) net
  • Big-bags of 1,000 kg (± 20 kg) net
  • Transport in other packages - upon agreement.
StorageSee more

Store in a well-ventilated room, away from heat sources and open flames, avoiding direct exposure of the packed product to sunlight. Store in original packaging or in tightly closed, properly labeled containers intended for this product.

molten, prilled, tablets sulphur
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