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Granulated sulphur
Granulated sulphur

Trade name: granulated sulphur
Name: sulfur (S)
PKWiU classification number: 24.13.56-00.15
CN Code: 25030090

Grupa Azoty Siarkopol

Our granulated sulphur meets the requirements of Company Standard KiZCHS-KS-ZN/01/04. Sulfur is prilled in granulation drums. The prilling process consists in forming molten materials inside granulation drums

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Granulated sulphur is used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid, phosphate fertilizers and plant protection products, and in the steel industry.

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  • Rail cars are used to transport granulated sulphur in bulk
  • big bags (1,000 kg net weight)
Granulated sulphur is not covered by ADR, RID, IMO, IMDG Code, and IATA regulations under Special Provision No. 242, which states that sulfur is not subject to these regulations when it has been formed in specific shapes (e.g. prills, granules, pellets, pastilles or flakes). Transported as IMSBC Code Group C cargo, in bulk quantities.
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Depending on volume,granulated sulphur  should be stored in sealed, properly labelled containers, dedicated to the purpose (big bags) or in outdoor stockpiles.

molten, prilled, tablets sulphur
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